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Release: 2016
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Y-Luk-O - Autark CD

The name says it all: The German-American was supported by artists of three continents (and one kingdom) who produced six different versions of the title track. „Autark“ – since every version is an independent work far beyond a boring remix.The listener will experience a blend of Industrial á la yelworC, Skinny Puppy, EBM-Hardliners Nitzer Ebb and classical as well as experimental soundscapes and structures.Y-Luk-O accomplished great things: The production for „Autark“ started after a break of four years in 2012. More than 15 years after the release of the debut album „Dead Without You“, the sound has maturated without compromises, is still violent, delicate and unpredictable.Y-Luk-O is great to watch: For the first time Y-Luk-O will be present videos. Apart from the title track „Autark“ the clubhit song „Communion“ has been impressively transformed into a unique audiovisual experience.Y-Luk-O are on a big venture: Musicians like Olaf Parusel (sToa) and Guido Litke (Digital Factor) teamed up for the live performances and production. Furthermore, renowned director and visual artist Michael Herrmann (ABGedreht Productions) is responsible for audiovisual concepts of the band.
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1.Autark (Official Version)
5.Autark (Leipzig)
6.Autark (Boston)
7.Autark (Halle) By Artists Against Pop
8.Autark (St. Eval) By Fakzility
9.Autark (Philadelphia) By Ninetwelve
10.Autark (Adelaide) By 11Grams