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"Brainstorming + Blood in Face (Limited BLUE Vinyl)"


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Release: April 2023
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Yelworc - Brainstorming + Blood in Face (Limited BLUE Vinyl) 2LP

Double-Vinyl for the official Debut Album (Celtic Circle 1992) and EP (Celtic Circle 1993).

Available in two different colour versions, both limited to 150 copies
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1.A1 Funeral Procession
2.A2 Curse
3.A3 Sacred City (Short Mix)
4.A4 Inquest (Re-Gripped From A.i.w.a.s.s 1992)
5.A5 Blood In Face
6.B1 Anchoria
7.B2 Sacrilege
8.B3 Spellbound
9.B4 Claustrophobia
10.B5 Dreamless Vision
11.C1 Golden Cross
12.C2 Get Vomit (Re-Gripped From A.i.w.a.s.s 1992)
13.C3 Celebration
14.C4 Blood In Face (Terror Mix)
15.D1 Soulhunter
16.D2 In Evoke
17.D3 Combat
18.D4 Sacred City (Extended Version)