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"Flash, Wards and Incubation (Limited RED Vinyl)"


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Release: April 2023
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Yelworc - Flash, Wards and Incubation (Limited RED Vinyl) LP

Strictly limited to 200 copies, on RED Vinyl

Released for the first time EVER on Vinyl: The second Cassette by yelworC, self-released in 1989 on TAPE only. The Vinyl features all 12 original tracks (46 minutes), divided on two sides (Alpha- / Omaga-side) as on the original, super rare tape.
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1.A1 C.o.m.a.
2.A2 X-Ray Gene
3.A3 Gore-Tex
4.A4 Purgatory
5.A5 Crash S.o.
6.A6 Hysteria
7.B1 Ostac I.s.d.n.
8.B2 No Vote On
9.B3 Artifacts
10.B4 Bad Taste
11.B5 Op:transact
12.B6 Seduction