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Release: 2017
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Zos Kia / Coil - Transparent CD

ZOS KIA was formed by John Gosling (MEKON), John Balance (COIL) and Min - with guest Peter'Sleazy' Christopherson (THROBBING GRISTLE). Their one and only album, Transparent, was re-leased August 23rd 1983 in a cassette only edition on the now defunct Nekrophile label, Austria.They were the first released recordings of both COIL and ZOS KIA. It was reissued years later byCOIL (Threshold House / Eskaton) in an edited edition.The entire recordings are now released on CD/vinyl for the first time EVER and are completelyremastered from the unedited tapes. Includes two previously unreleased bonus tracks by AKE(pre-ZOS KIA). The music on Transparent is genuinely unsettling and disturbing, with a more primal Industrialfeel than the Coil album which followed; 'Scatology'. An essential insight into the very early workof these extraordinary artists and an undeniable link between Coil and Throbbing Gristle
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Label:Cold Spring
1.Zos Kia 'sicktone'
2.Zos Kia 'baptism Of Fire'
3.Zos Kia 'violations'
4.Zos Kia 'poisons'
5.Zos Kia 'truth'
6.Coil / Zos Kia 'sewn Open'
7.Coil / Zos Kia 'sicktone'
8.Coil / Zos Kia 'silence And Sorcery (Section)'
9.Coil / Zos Kia 'truth (Version)'
10.Coil / Zos Kia 'stealing The Words'
11.Coil / Zos Kia 'on Balance'
12.Ake 'no Mas'
13.Ake 'rape Live @ Equinox'