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Zoviet France

"Digilogue (Re-release)"


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Release: 2013
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Zoviet France - Digilogue (Re-release) CD

“Digilogue” was originally issued in 1996 as a limited edition clear vinyl LP. It was followed two years later in 1998 by a CD containing three bonus tracks. The CD has been out of print for more than a year.As of today it’s the only :zoviet*france: release in circulation worldwide. The rest of their catalog is out of print!

‘Digilogue’ was recorded using a mixture of failing analogue equipment and high-end digital equipment, and monitored in our studio exclusively on damaged hi-fi speakers. Sound can be as dirty and as clumsy as anything else we perceive with our senses. This is just as true of sound generated in the digital domain, much as we would all like to believe the claims of near-perfection made by audio equipment manufacturers.
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