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"Mirror Emperor"


Veröffentlichung: 2018
Status: Versandbereit in 7-10 Tagen
Zu93 - Mirror Emperor CD

Zu93 is the effectively named collaboration between David Tibet of Current 93 and the ever-changing Italian group Zu. Their album, Mirror Emperor, echoes pivotal moments from the respective catalogues of its creators. Gentle guitars, weeping cellos, the occasional rumbling bass and soft percussion, are melted and gently poured into the sepulchral engine. The sound of a magical chamber orchestra or Cæsar Legions?
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InfraRot Artikelnummer:9952.490
Label:House Of Mythology
1.The Coming Of The Mirror Emperor
2.Confirm The Mirror Emperor
3.Enters The Mirror Emperor
4.To The Mirror Emperor
5.The Heart Of The Mirror Emperor
6.The Teeth Of The Mirror Emperor
7.(The Absence Of The Mirror Emperor)
8.Before The Mirror Emperor
9.To Meet The Mirror Emperor
10.(The Mirror Emperor Is Absent)
11.The Imp Trip Of The Mirror Emperor
12.Awake (Mirror) Emperor